Concentrations in the IMME

Students will pursue one of four concentrations, each of which includes a full complement of Math and English coursework. Each concentration concludes with a capstone course in which students receive extensive leadership training while they also work with a workplace partner to develop a project in which they use both the Math and English skills and expertise they have acquired through their coursework.

The concentrations available in the IMME are:

IMME Applied Math Concentration

Applied Math Concentration

Just as the name indicates, the Applied Math concentration utilizes mathematics as it applies in real-life situations. By building a strong foundation in mathematics and its application to industrial and physical sciences and supporting that foundation with excellent skills in writing, research, and analysis, students completing the Applied Math concentration will be well prepared for a career or graduate-level study in engineering, computer science, physics, architecture and more.

IMME Finance/Actuarial ConcentrationFinance/Actuarial Concentration

The financial and insurance industries are among the most prominent and complex industries in the world today. With a strong computational background highlighting statistics and probability enhanced by strong writing, social awareness, and critical thinking skills, students in the Finance/Actuarial concentration will be competitive candidates in any corporate or commercial based career within the insurance, finance, investment, real estate, actuarial consulting, or banking industry.

IMME Math Pre-Education ConcentrationMath Pre-Education Concentration

By learning foundational logic within a wide scope of math topics from calculus to abstract algebra and combining this with the communication and analytical skills offered by English courses, the Math Pre-Education concentration helps to generate strong educators with exemplary content knowledge as well as the ability to analyze, decipher, and explain math in diverse ways.

IMME Theoretical Math ConcentrationTheoretical Math Concentration

Also known as “pure” mathematics, the Theoretical Math concentration explores the basic concepts and structure beneath many math topics ranging from geometry to analysis. With elective options constructed as part of the Theoretical Math concentration along with communication, writing, and critical thinking skills provided through English coursework, students are able to personalize the major to meet the needs of their future career/academic goals or to highlight particular fields of interest.